About Us

Father and Daughter

CND Drinks is a father and daughter led family business. The name CND comes from Crowther-Nicol & Daughter. We’re based in South London and specialise in homemade tropical drinks. Our core line includes ginger beer, sorrel and fruit punch with a number of additional specials.

We have been operating as CND Drinks since summer of 2017 but prior to that, we unknowingly started our journey in November of 2012 on Denis’s (Crowther-Nicol Father) birthday. We organised a small gathering for which we decided to try out our homemade ginger beer. To cut a long story short, it was a hit! Guests enjoyed it and we began getting requests to make the drink for friends and family.

After realising how much people enjoyed it, Mia-Sara (Crowther-Nicol daughter) started to sell and offer samples to a slightly wider circle often taking a number of bottles down to local businesses. As more and more people gave positive feedback, our confidence grew in taking it to more people, as did the idea of a “side-hustle” in what was a difficult time. However, it still wasn’t considered as anything more than creating something people enjoyed while making a little extra money.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2017, when it occurred to Mia-Sara to actually push it forward as a serious venture. The name came to her immediately; one that would create a legacy and importantly represent the father-daughter dynamic. It was initially CN&D at this point, the bottle sizes, the pricing, the logo concept were all already conceived.

Market research had pretty much been a natural ongoing process - always paying attention to other similar and non-similar drinks products, so it was now simply a process of bringing the ideas to life: product design, crunching numbers, and then testing the market.

Mia-Sara’s first target market consisted of her workplace. This proved to be a positive starting point and opportunities began to open up to expand further. In selling the new look bottles to existing customers, along with starting an Instagram page to create an online presence, it was really starting to look like a business. More and more interest was shown resulting in shop referrals, TV appearances and opportunities at various events.

Looking ahead, we look forward to expanding the new look across the range and to having our drinks in more and more locations around London and beyond. Onwards and a upwards!

Glad to have you on the journey.