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Authentic homemade tropical drinks including Ginger Beer, Fruit Punch and more.

What our customers say

One drink is never enough

Mark K

We tried CND's ginger beer at their PopUp stall on Oxford Circus and were amazed! Highly recommend!

Katherine R

Started to drink Sorrel as an aid to my high blood pressure. Continue to drink it as this one tastes amazing.

Nick F

This shot packs a punch! I can practically feel the benefits to my immune system. Ginger is scientifically proven to have so many benefits. But usually the ginger drinks/shots I've tried had so much sugar that they negated the benefits. CND Ginger shots are sugar free and full of other healing herbs. Thank you! I love it...

Joy B

It was my mums birthday on Mother’s Day during lockdown and unfortunately my sister and I left everything so last minute. I contacted CND via instagram and asked if I could get a special hamper made and received it the next day right on time for my mother’s birthday. My mother loved it and still uses on all the products. The customer service was amazing, very pleased all around.

Christina T

Tasted their ginger beer at a wedding and fell in love. Natural, pure, flavoursome fiery drink(not watered down) and yummy. I nearly drank the whole 1L bottle. I would recommend this product and will be ordering from them soon to try more flavours.

Nadia S